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Philosophy & Goals

Cagers Basketball was created to provide competitive basketball programs for players in grades 3-12, who have a love for the game and the desire to continue to work to become the best that they can be in the game. Each separate basketball program offered fulfills a need in the development of each individual player, based on age, skill level and physical ability. Teaching proper fundamental technique in regard to each skill; whether offensive or defensive and helping each player to understand the tremendous benefit and importance in being grounded first in fundamentals of the game is a primary goal of Cagers Basketball.

Program Director

Cagers Basketball is under the direction of program director Greg Edwards. Coach Edwards comes from an excellent coaching background and sees his role first and foremost as a teacher of the game. ” I believe you teach in practice each day and you ‘coach’ in games. If you do a great job teaching, your players and teams will play as close to their potential as is physically possible under game condidtions.

Skill Development

Cagers Basketball offers individual and group basketball training sessions. Players are grouped by age and skill level. The focus of each session is the continued improvement of each individual’s offensive fundamentals. SKILLS COVERED AREA AS FOLLOWS: proper footwork ball handling passing shooting technique shooting off the dribble shooting(moving without the ball) coming off screens one-on-one skills post play-both facing the basket / playing with back to the basket how to split a double team how to score against a quicker defender how to score against a taller defender how to execute a proper shot fake proper free throw fundamentals BASIC DEFENSIVE TECHNIQUE: Stance Footwork Proper balance and positioning On ball and off the ball defense INDIVIDUAL TRAINING SESSION DATES: April, May, June, July, August, September and October.

Select Youth Teams

Cagers Basketball offers a competitive youth program for young players in grades 4-8. IN 2014 AND 2015 WE WILL OFFER: A winter season which runs November 7th thru March 7th for young players in grades 4-8. A spring season for players in grades 5-8, runs March 15th - May 15th. This program is for the competitive player who one day aspires to play on his respective high school team. This is not a rec program, and requires a reasonable commitment of each player to his team.

Basketball Camps

Cagers Basketball will run several weeks of basketball camp for boys grades 3-12. Each camp is limited to 40 players a week or session so that all players get more repetition and individual instruction. The camps are offensive oriented, and teach all aspects of offensive play. Cagers Basketball Camps are a great way to improve skills and stay sharp in the off-season. The camps are also very reasonably priced, allowing many young players to attend more than one week of camp.

Coaching Clinics

CAGERS BASKETBALL ACADEMY WILL OFFER FALL COACHING CLINICS FOR ANY YOUTH COACHES WANTING TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW TO TEACH AND COACH YOUTH BASKETBALL. The clinics are a must attend event for Hot Shot coaches and any beginner coach working with kids grades 2-8. The clinic will cover all fundamental aspects of man-to-man defense and offensive play and will demonstrate the drills you can use to teach these skills. The clinics are broken up into two 2-1⁄2 hour sessions, with defensive fundamentals covered in the first session and offensive fundamentals covered in the second session.

Strength Shoe Training

This program combines fundamental basketball drills with the use of the strength shoe to greatly improve both athletic performance and basketball skill level. This program is second to none in improving quickness, jumping ability, and raw speed. The strength shoes utilize plyometric construction to target calf muscle training, building mass and defininition, while increasing quantity of fast twitch muscle fibers. Results include increase in vertical jump, reactive leg strength jumping skill, body coordination and range of motion.

Contact Information

For additional information regarding Cagers Basketball please contact coach Edwards. COACH EDWARDS: (503) 735-5552